James Yorston


10 years in technology most recently as Director of Engineering, VC at Carta

I've got a background in a number of sectors including FinTech, E-Commerce and Academic Research.

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💻 Open Source

📚 Reading List



The Open Group: Archimate OWL Project

I worked on an international research team within the Open Group to build an XML derivative that allowed standardised exchange of enterprise architecture diagrams between different software tools.

You can read the published white paper here.



I am lucky enough to have been invited on a few podcasts to discuss the following:

Company Culture Spotify

Maintaining the balance between Diversity, Culture and Growth Spotify

Startup life, forming Zero Gravity Spotify

Alfie Whattam Podcast, Zero Gravity overview, tech trends Spotify

Open Source

Driven by a deep-seated belief in collaboration and transparency, I’m profoundly passionate about contributing to and advocating for open source. 🔓🌍❤️

You can see a list of my open source contributions here


I am really passionate about mentorship, I’ve been part of a few schemes in my time. Originally I mentored on Revive, which is sadly no longer active. I have often given advice to engineers early in their journey, looking to start their own business or join an early stage startup.

I now mentor on Zero Gravity. I offer career advice to aspiring software engineers and university advice to aspiring Computer Scientists.

Everyone should have a mentor, I’ve been fortunate to have a few great ones over the years.


Google Hashcode

Every year I compete with a group of university friends in Google Hashcode, no winning attempts quite yet!