James Yorston


7+ years in Software Engineering most recently leading the technical team @toshi.co.

I've got a background in a number of sectors including FinTech, E-Commerce and Academic Research.

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The Open Group: Archimate OWL Project

I worked on an international research team within the Open Group to build an XML derivative that allowed standardised exchange of enterprise architecture diagrams between different software tools.

You can read the published white paper here.

Industry Discussion

Engineering & Company Culture Podcast

I am very passionate about company and engineering culture - this is one of the biggest challenges in starting and leading companies.

You can listen to a few of my thoughts on this here.


Revive Jobs Engineering Mentor

I am an active engineering mentor on https://revivejobs.tech I offer advice to junior engineers looking to develop their career in technology.


Google Hashcode

Every year I compete with a group of university friends in Google Hashcode!